Paint - Wine / Beer/ Cocktails - Great Times!
2955 B-2 Cochran St.
Simi Valley, CA GOOGLE MAP

Night of Rain

Vino on the Patio

Fall Pathway

The Dragonfly

Elephant in the Sunset

Flamingo in the Bay

Shades of Red

Party Time

Dreams Come True

Napa Valley

Tree of Life

Celebration of Freedoms

Birch Trees

Red Velvet Night

Cherry Blossoms at the Sea

Golden Tree Falls

Playing Guitars

The Green Peacock

A River runs through it

Birds of the Sun

City Life

Mischievous Cat

Flowing Tulips

Point Mugu Drive

Kissing in the Rain

Sail into the Sunset

The Blossoming Flower

Golden Gate Bridge Sunset 3 Hour

Wave Vision

Pour me a Drink

Howl at the Moon

Happy New Years

The Little Ladybug


Ventura Pier

Sailing into the Sun

Italian Villa

Falling Daisies

Moonlite Pumpkins

Harvest Pumpkin

Autumns Night


Autumn Birch Trees

Falling Leaves

Walking in the Forest

Tis the Season

Winters Morning-3 Hour

Find The Owl

The Magic Tree

Paradise Bay

The Eiffel Tower

Spooky Night

Snowy Cabin by the River 3-Hour

Birds of Love

Morning Coffee

Spooky Cat

Snowy Cabin

Day at the Beach

Day in the City

Glass of Red Hot

Starry Night-3 hour

Winter Evening

Quiet Reflection

Perfect Night

Ewok in Charge


Two Tickets to Paradise

Wave Heart

Owl Love You

A Lovers Evening

\"Whats on Tap\"

Water Under the Bridge-3 hour

Colores de Vino

Lionel the Lion

Moonlit Mermaid & Merlot-3 hour

Paint Your Pet

Singles Night Skull 3-hour

Luck of the Irish

The Orange Tabby

The California Desert

End of the Dock

Colors in the Golden Sky

Magical Desert Night

Flying with Harry Potter

Purple Angel

June Gloom & Poppy Blooms 3-hour

A Mother and Child

Flower Power

Blooming Poppies

Red Hot Sunflowers

Italian Store Front


Into The Distance

Charming Sunset


Majestic Waterfall

Mountain Reflections

Open Studio

Wild Flower Cove

Evening Stroll 3-Hour

A Night in Paris

Fleur De Lis

Lost in San Diego

Friends and Wine

Flying into the Sunset

Costa Rosa

Peaceful Walk

Sitting on the Moon

Colorful Trees Couple Painting

Into the Night

Spacy Moon

The Individual

Wine in the Future 3-hour

Flowers in the Dark

Unknown Road

Yosemite National Park

Jungle Fever

Perched Owl

Dazing Sunset

Time for Ball

Fall Sunflower

Cabo San Lucas

Stairway to Heaven

Mrs. Sugar Skull 3-Hour

Witches on the Hunt

American Pastime

Black Cats Halloween

A Stroll through Town

Fall Sunrays

Witch on the Hunt

Cold 1 on 1

The Hangover

Dueling Trees

Rustic Cow Skull

Lets Kick It

Under the Sea

Bulb Decor

The Snowman\s Winter

The Unknown Path

Snowing around

Santas Helper

First Snow Fall

Cold Retreat

White Face

Moonlight Drinks

Santa Stuck in Chimney

State Capitol

California State 3 Hour

Uphill Climb

Winter Moon

Moonlight Eiffel Tower

Cheers Couples Painting

Follow Your Path

Right in your Palms

Once in a Blue Moon 3 hour

Purple Night

Distance Less Traveled 3 Hour

Streaming through the Marsh

Snowy Cabin

What Time is it?

Daisy Delight

Field of Hearts

Tree of Heart

Live, Laugh, Love

Intertwined Love

Heartful Roses

Box of Chocolates

Midnight Surf

Castle Dreams 3 hour

Swimming to the Sunset

The Forgotten Path

Behind the Bend

Gotham City

Under the Bridge

Follow the Flowers 3 hour

Take Your own Path 3 HR

Natures Curtain

Springtime Barn

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Purple Iris

Cross on the Hill

New Mexico Desert

Spring Flowers

Spring Ride

Flower Pathway

Queen Ellie

Springtime Wheel

George the Giraffe

Moms Day Wreath

Make a Wish

America the Beautiful

Nap Time

Cactus Garden

LillyPad Garden

Sea Breeze

Parrot Talk

Tulips in the Wind

Guitar City


Swimming through the Kelp

Deserted Island

Moonlit Tree

Ladies Night Out

Nostalgic Sunset 3 HR

American Pastime

Abstract Art

Maroon Lagoon

Summertime Eats

Sunset Falls

Summer Lotus Flower

Summer Cottage 3 HR

Salute to the Wine


Lazy Days

Grungy Wishes

Between the Palms

Paint your Pet

Come Sail with Us

Flower Garden

Sunset Reflections

Self Exploring 3 HR

Hot Desert Night

Japanese Blossoms

October Nights

Sunday Morning

Happy Face Hill

Summers End

Blue Step Forest

Fall Time in Paris

Abstract Wicked Tree

Fall Sunrays

Wine & Everything is Fine

Its Football Time


Kick your Feet Up

Harvest Pumpkin


Traveling through Fall

Welcome Fall

Fall in the City

Thankful & Blessed

Have a little Faith

Cold Couple In Love

Crisp White Walk

Snowy Holiday

Grumpy Green Guy

Starry Celebrations


Snowman Love

Christmas Ride

Snowman on Vacay

New Years Eve

Butterfly Love

Han Solo On Hoth

Hitting The Slopes

Costa Rica 3 HR

Pretty Succulents

Hangin with Polar Bears

Its Wine Oclock

Mountain Serenity

Flying over Sim Valley

Jersey Night

Water by the Bridge

Happy Hibiscus Flowers

Floral Antlers

Ventura Beach House

I Love You To The Moon And Back

Wine Is My Valentine

Swan Heart

Flower Love

Masked Madri Gra

VDay Love

Water World

VDay Wine Glasses

The Three Amigos

Duck Crossing

Hello Spring!

Spring Wagon

Ireland Dreams

Springtime Rays

Light up the Night

Willow Tree View

Tuscan Views

Spring Balloon Party

Springtime Bird Houses

St. Pattys Day Pints

80s Theme Night

Technical Trees

Abstract Swipe & Pour

Time to take a Cruise

Buzzing Around

Light up Simi Valley

Yosemite Park

Uni the Unicorn

Bird Feeder

Baseball Jersey

Tunnel to Paradise

Margarita Time

Margarita Glass Time

Pretty in Pink

Sailing the Day away

Family Beach Day

Mom & Me

Beach Bummin

Arbonne Tree

Day Trippin

Light Up Starry Night

Turtle Bay

Kite Flying

Mermaid Tales

Rooster Love

Wood American Flag

Tropical Paradise

Lets Rock On


Groovy Times

Eye of the Beholder

Beach Pathway

Hello Darling

Hotel Santa Barbara

Midnight Stroll

Birds of Paradise

Zen Garden

Cruzin the Coast

Humming Bird Tree

Electrifying Goose

Mystic Trees

Lucy the llama

Serenity Garden

Welcome Sign

Escape to Anacapa

City Life

Emerald Lake

The Exploration

Sunset Vibes

Midnight Sunset

Spooky Dog

Purple Moonlight

Fall Sunrays

Pumpkin Harvest


Eerie Path to the Unknown

A Witches Sign

Diva Witch

Jacks Nightmare

Hallows Eve

Eerie Night

Mr. Carlos

Midnight Owl


Happy Halloween

Eyeball Martini Anyone

Cold Winters Night

Day of the Dead Glow in the Dark

Harvest Wine

Pink Peacock


Drivin to the Pumpkin Patch

Stroll Under the Bridge

The Mountainside

The Countryside

Gobble Gobble


Fall in Love

Dreaming of Paradise

Xmas at the Beach

Grumpy Green Man

Jack St.Nick

Scary Christmas

Ski Time

Holiday Jack

Holiday Light

Family Wreath



The Stockings are Hung

Holiday Party

Noel Centerpieces

Snowy Time Tree

Holiday Wine Glass Workshop

Calm before the Storm

Rainy Daze

Early Morning Sunrise

Wine Time Coasters


Natures Sky

Ice Caves

Sunflower Coasters

Light up Wine Bottle

Personalized Wood Workshop

V-Day Wine Glasses

His n Hers

The Key to My Heart

Love Birds

Jack and Sally In Love

V-Day Wine Bottle

Beach Cardboard Swiping

A feathered Tale

Ships Ahoy

Getting Rosy

Camping in the Wild


Early Morning Sunrise


Masquerade Mask

Lovers Lake

Let the Sun Shine through

Spring Mountain Top

St. Pattys Light Me Up

Monarch Butterfly

Chunky Blanket

Potted Flowers

St. Pattys Wine Glasses

80s Music

Box of Spring

Toast to Easter

Pink Bubble

Panda Love

Springtime in Paris

Colorful Trees


Hibiscus Love

Famous Art Series

Home Sweet Home

Wine Tasting Room

Unwined Wood Art

Abstract Art


Easter Wine Glass Workshop

Chunky Pillow

Land of the Free

Flowers for you

Fiesta Time

Mason Jar String Art

Abstract Elephant

Magical Hummingbirds

Moonlight Magic

Purple Birch Trees

The Stars Aligned

Soaring over California

My Mother My Friend


Follow the Leader

Lovers Beach

Adventure is our there

Puppy love

Summertime in a Jar

Judy the Jellyfish

Palm Tree String Art

Radiant Sunset

Serenity Lake

Mr. Crabby

Under the Sea

Desert String Art

Summertime Bloom

In the Moonlight

Sunny Days

Sweet Nectar

His n Hers

Pour me some Wine String Art

Beach Haze

Hawaiian Vacation

Gone Fishin

Summertime at the Beach

Window to the World

Cheers to Summer

Lost in the Desert

Ventura Point

Save Water Drink Bier

Dish Soap Wine Bottle

Hot Summer Nights

Lost in the Desert

Tree of Love

Morro Bay

Abstract Wine Art

Jungle Time Fun

Sunflower Daze

Happiest Place on Earth

Lily of the Nile

Soaring Eagles

Oregon Summer Nights

Howling at the Moon

Pallet Wood Desert

Green Lush Garden

Flower Power

Rainbow Magic

The Underworld

Colors of the Marsh

Clock Strikes Midnight

The Path to the Unknown

Harvest Time Pumpkins

Cauldrons Spell Book


Midnight Watch

Watching Autumn Fall

Harvest Sunflowers


Scary Night



Snowy River



Seasons Greetings

Wish Upon a Star

Snow Serenity

Snow Love

Snow Globe Holidays

Snowy Cabin

Bear Mountain

Baby Y

Blooming Flowers

Eye of the Storm

Gnome of Snowflakes

Snowy River Bend

Globe of Happy Face

Eerie Mountain Nights

Tree of Love

You & Me