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3 Top Acrylic Painting Mistakes to Avoid

1 - Not Enough Contrast in Your Paintings

Contrast creates excitement and interest for the eye. There are 3 major types of contrast. 

Value Contrast which mixes both dark and light values within your painting. Lighter valued objects look farther away. Darker valued objects look closer. 

Color Contrast which mixes various colors within your painting. Varying colors in a painting create excitment for the eye to enjoy.

Texture Contrast which mixes varying textures within your painting. Softer textures make objects look farther away. Rough textures make objects look closer. 

2 - Perfectionism

Perfection stops experimentation which is critical in moving along the painting learning curve. Don't expect every brush stroke and painting to be perfect or else! Or else what? Exactly, nothing! You lose the opportunity to be free and experiment which allows you to learn and enjoy discovering new techniques.  Allow yourself to progress throughout a painting vs criticizing your last brush strokes. Perfect is the enemy of Good which is learning and having fun!

3 - Too Much Water in Paint

30% Rule - Avoid over usage of water in your paintings. You want to have no more than 30% of your paint mix to have water in it. Too much water dilutes the amount of acrylic molecules in your paint. This will cause your paint to flake or lift off the canvas after the water evaporates over time.  To get a watered down effect you can use special medium. 


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